Consultation on Victims Bill of Rights

On February 4, 2013, the Minister of Justice announced the Government of Canada’s intention to move forward with legislation to create a Victims Bill of Rights.

To inform the development of this legislation, the Government of Canada is seeking the views of stakeholders representing provincial and territorial governments, a variety of sectors within the criminal justice system, civil society, victims of crime, and the public.

To assist with the consultation, a discussion paper has been developed to provide an overview of the Canadian context and the recent efforts taken to improve responses to victims of crime, and to seek views on a Victims Bill of Rights including in respect of the following areas:

  • Purpose
  • Potential scope and content of victims rights
  • Effect of legislative rights, and
  • Remedies.

The discussion paper can be accessed here.  Submit your views to:


The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime offers support, research and education to survivors and stakeholders.

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