Restorative Justice Week 2014

Restorative Justice week runs from November 16-23, 2014 with a national conference being held in Banff, Alberta.  At the CRCVC, we support victims who may choose to engage in restorative justice practices.  Our Board member, Carolyn Solomon, was just interviewed as part of a panel on restorative justice by Alberta Primetime about her face-to-face encounter with her son’s killer in 2013. She believes it was a positive experience and would recommend it to other victims in order to have their questions answered and express the personal harm they have suffered.  For Carolyn, meeting the offender in her case was never about forgiveness, a common misconception about restorative justice. Since her son was taken from her, Carolyn has wanted to meet the perpetrator and hold him directly accountable for his actions.  Watch the video here.

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