Victim Impact Education and Offender Re-Entry: A Benefit to Public Safety?

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March 10, 2016

Join us for a FREE Discussion Forum –
Where: Ottawa Police Association Lounge (141 Catherine Street, 2nd floor)
Time: 9:30am to 12noon

Crime has a harmful impact not only on individuals but on entire communities and is often felt long after the formal criminal justice process ends. Victim impact education is sometimes offered in correctional institutions to hold offenders accountable for their crimes and give them a deeper understanding of the impact of their criminal activity. It is thought that these programs can reduce offending which is beneficial to public safety. Join us for a FREE event where a panel of experts, including a mother whose son was murdered, will discuss the topic of victim impact education in Canadian penitentiaries. Some questions to be answered:

  • Do victims benefit if an offender gains empathy?
  • Is public safety increased when an offender addresses the trauma they have inflicted upon others?
  • Can offenders truly gain insight about how they hurt their own families, and very importantly, their victims’ families?
  • Does developing empathy mean that offenders will avoid returning to criminal behaviour when they are released from prison?

Please join us to discuss this important topic. The panel will include:

  • Carolyn Solomon, Chair of the Victims Advisory Committee to CSC/PBC in Ontario/Nunavut region & mother of a murdered son;
  • Cindy Ayala, Project Manager, Enhancing Empathy for Victims and Families of Offenders,The Church Council on Justice and Corrections;
  • A federal offender currently incarcerated in Pittsburgh Institution.

*This event is possible with funding gratefully received from Public Safety Canada Policy Development Contribution Program*

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