Core Services

The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime is mandated by our Board of Directors to provide the following Core Services:

  • Advocacy:

    To advocate on behalf of crime victims and assist them in obtaining needed services and resources. As well, to ensure that the interests and perspectives of victims are heard, the CRCVC actively makes submissions, presentations and/or recommendations to all levels of Government, and its various agencies.

  • Education and awareness:

    To promote victims’ concerns by addressing current events and issues in the media; and to conduct workshops/presentations at colleges, universities, community events, and conferences. As well, to act as a resource centre for victims by providing understanding and knowledge of the Canadian Criminal Justice System, and disseminating that knowledge through our monthly newsletter and web site.

  • Research:

    To conduct research in the field of victimology in order to offer quality resource materials to crime victims and service workers across the country, and provide information to all levels of Government as to how the services provided to victims of crime may be strengthened and augmented.

  • Police Liaison:

    To act as a liaison between victims/survivors and various police services and associations; providing assistance and support.

  • Survivor Outreach:

    To proactively reach out to survivors of violent crime in Canada in hopes of fostering a helping relationship with those victims that may not be aware of the services available to them. The CRCVC also assists victims and survivors to connect with others who have been similarly victimized.

  • Memorial:
    To provide long-term support and assistance to Next of Kin of fallen officers and coordinate events for those families attending the annual Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Service to honour their fallen loved ones.
  • Networking:

    To promote and enhance the interaction and exchange of information and perspectives among other agencies and groups within the Canadian Criminal Justice System, and the international victim services community.