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Launch of new e-resource


Please check out our new bilingual online resource (January 2015) which provides victims and victim service providers with a better understanding about when and how a mentally ill offender is diverted into the forensic mental health system and becomes a patient who is treated by nurses, social workers and psychiatrists. The publication is available online in English and French in HTML and PDF formats.  It is focused on the lived experiences of victims harmed by a mentally ill offender. The e-resource provides victim service providers and families/individuals impacted with:

  • Increased understanding of the hospital/forensic mental health system in Canada.
  • Information about provincial and territorial Review Boards, the dispositions imposed (which can include detention in a mental health facility and treatment) on the accused, or patient, as they are referred to in many jurisdictions.
  • The victims’ rights and roles within the forensic mental health system.
  • Frequently asked questions are answered, and information is provided to help victims find assistance and access supports near them.
The e-resource also includes an evaluation link and would not be possible without project funding provided by the Department of Justice Victims Fund.

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Not Criminally Responsible

How should we treat people who commit crimes because of a psychiatric illness? How do we treat the victims of such crimes? As TVO prepares for the world television premiere of the documentary “Out of Mind, Out of Sight,” The Agenda explores the film, the crimes and the victims left behind. Beyond politics. Beyond policy. The human toll of being Not Criminally Responsible.

Watch our Executive Director and other experts discuss:

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