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Depuis 1993, le CCRVC donne une voix aux victimes de crimes violents et à leurs familles dans le système de justice canadien. Nous avons un service d’assistance téléphonique sans frais, fournissons des documents de renseignements pertinents et aidons les clients et les clientes à accéder aux services et aux ressources dans leur communauté respective. Nous offrons également des services de représentation et de défense afin de répondre à leurs besoins et de présenter les intérêts et les points de vue des victimes de crimes à tous les paliers de gouvernement. Nous vous invitons à vous inscrire pour recevoir notre bulletin électronique mensuel gratuit. Merci de prendre note que ce bulletin n’est disponible qu’en anglais. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter au numéro 1-877-232-2610, pour toute question.

My name is Donna McCully.

It was always our wish to live in Jamaica in our dream home. So, in August 2012, my husband Sedrick Levine and I left Canada to move into our new home. We were thrilled to finally be starting the next chapter in our lives, in Sedrick’s beloved homeland. He bought a little bus and planned to operate tours for visitors to the island. I was helping him run this business venture, as part of our semi- retirement in Jamaica.

My life as I knew it was suddenly shattered when two masked men broke into our home on Sunday, November 17, 2013. Sedrick struggled with the men, allowing me to flee upstairs to call the police. His actions saved my life that day, and that of my father and his housekeeper, who were visiting us at the time. One of the masked intruders chased me upstairs and kicked in the bathroom door, but he stopped when he heard a gunshot from downstairs.

My husband Sedrick was killed that day and the men fled our home with a laptop. The Jamaican police have not yet found these men or charged them with killing my beloved husband. Their motive remains unknown.

This crime has completely changed my life. I suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder now and have depression as a result. I came back to Canada, but I feel very isolated since this happened. These emotional scars may never heal.

I managed to find the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime by searching online one day. I didn’t know where to turn for help when I came home to Canada. The CRCVC has provided me with a lot of emotional support, which has been tremendously helpful. They’ve also written numerous letters to Jamaican officials seeking justice for Sedrick, as well as intervening with Canadian officials on my behalf. The office also helped connect me to a trauma therapist for counselling sessions too.

In order to try and make sense of what happened to Sedrick, it is my hope that others could support the work of the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime. There are so many other victims/survivors out there who also need their assistance.