NEW! Live Chat with us

In addition to our Toll Free Information & Support Line 1-877-232-2610, which operates from 9am – 4pm EST from Monday to Friday, immediate support is also available outside of regular office hours to victims/survivors, their friends, and families through our live chat system.

How does it work?

When a trained CRCVC staff member is available to chat, the icon on the bottom right-hand side of the website will say ‘CHAT WITH US’ – ‘NEED HELP? Click to Chat!’ Click on the talk bubble icon below and a new chat window will open. Sometimes, a chat window will open up and let you know we are there.

Currently, regular support through online chats is available during these times:

  • Sundays 6pm – 1am EST (English, French, Romanian)
  • Mondays 6:30pm – 1am EST (English only)
  • Tuesdays 7:30pm – 1am EST (English only)
  • Thursdays 7:30pm – 1am EST (English, French, Romanian)
  • Fridays 8am – 4pm EST (English, French, Romanian)