Victims Advisory Committee

Working Together

Sharing Our Experience

Inaugurated in September 2021, The CRCVC Victims Advisory Committee is comprised of victims and survivors of crime with the purpose of providing input on substantive issues the CRCVC is working on; as well as providing advice and recommendations on institutional, governmental, and cultural change as they affect Canadian victims and survivors of crime.

Reporting to the CRCVC Board of Directors, the VAC is designed to be both proactive and responsive in providing advice to the CRCVC Board of Directors and Executive Director. The VAC brings the strength, resilience and lived experience of anyone has been impacted by violence in order to:

  • Provide a voice for any Canadian who is a victim or survivor of a crime in Canada and abroad;
  • Provide advice to ensure all levels of Government are accountable for their responses to the needs of Canadian victims and survivors of crime;
  • Advise on specific reforms and initiatives that benefit all victims and survivors; and,
  • Ensure any recommendations recognize and reflect Canada’s diverse population.

Specific responsibilities of the VAC include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing advice on the development of CRCVC programs and initiatives;
  • Advising on written submissions to all levels of Government; and,
  • Using their individual and collective influence to affect positive change.

Members can sit on the committee for up to three years with a renewal option for another three-year term to a maximum of two terms, with approval from the Board. The VAC shall be compromised of a maximum of 15 individuals.

For questions about the VAC, email us.