Terror Victim Response

Fostering Resilience

Terror Victim Response

In the event of a terrorist attack or mass victimization event in Canada, communities must be prepared to mitigate the negative effects on victims and survivors.

TerrorVictimResponse.ca is managed by the Canadian Resource Center for Victims of Crime and provides easy access to information resources for emergency management, law enforcement and government officials who may be required to deliver tangible support to persons harmed. Ensuring that victims and survivors can recover and normalize their lives is critical in fostering community resilience. Communities must be prepared to meet the immediate, intermediate and long-term needs of victims and survivors of terrorist acts/mass victimizations and can do so by incorporating victims into their official response plans.

Victims and survivors must not be an afterthought.

Funding for the Terror Victim Response.ca website was initially provided by the Government of Canada Kanishka Project.

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