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Crime Victim Assistance Programs

In Canada, the criminal justice system can be overwhelming to victims of crime. The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime is here to help navigate.

You can access several crime victim assistance programs that provide a range of services, including:

  • Crisis intervention and emergency shelter
  • Counselling and short or long-term support
  • Court preparation and accompaniment throughout the judicial system
  • Information sharing with victims of federally sentenced offenders
  • Victim advocacy with all levels of government (municipal, provincial and federal)
  • Referrals and support programs
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Services and Resources

Victim Support

We help victims of crime across Canada access and benefit from resources available to them, to empower their decision-making and to ensure their rights are being addressed and upheld. Our services are free.

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Corrections and Parole

We assist and support victims by offering registration assistance, representation (victims can appoint us to receive notifications on their behalf), accompaniment to parole hearings, and advocacy on their case.

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We work with all levels of government in Canada to provide submissions, presentations, information and recommendations in respect of the interests of victims of crime.

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Public Education

We regularly speak with the media, conduct workshops and presentations at colleges, universities, community events, and conferences in respect of the issues affecting victims of crime.

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We provide long-term support and assistance to Next of Kin of fallen police and peace officers and coordinate events for those families attending the annual Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Service to honour their fallen loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.

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Information at Your Fingertips

Resource Directory

The resource directory includes a variety of agencies, including police-based services, court-based services, community-based services, volunteers, or by non-governmental organizations or charitable organizations.

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