I Heard the Shot – Donna’s Story

Donna and her husband Sedrick decided to move from Ottawa back to Sedrick’s birthplace in Jamaica, where they planned on starting a new business.

This didn’t sit well with some people. Two men came to their home one day to challenge Sedrick. Donna grabbed her phone, running upstairs, hiding in the bathroom off their bedroom while her husband fought with one of the intruders downstairs.

From her hiding place Donna heard the gunshot that killed her beloved husband. “I called 9-1-1, hoping that the police would respond urgently and save our lives,” says Donna. “I heard the shot while I was on the phone talking with the dispatcher and while the second man was kicking in the bedroom door.”

Sedrick’s life was taken on November 17, 2013, the day Donna’s life changed forever. Sedrick’s killers are at large to this day.