Financial Assistance for Victims to Attend Parole Board Hearings & the Creation of a National Office for Victims

As of November 1, 2005, victims of crime in Canada will now be able to apply for financial assistance to attend the Parole Board of Canada hearings of the offender who harmed them. In addition, a new National Office for Victims has been established to provide information and support to victims. The CRCVC pushed for such a fund to pay for travel given the fact that some hearings take place thousands of kilometres from where the victim lives. While victims may have had the right to attend and speak at federal parole hearings, until now, many could not afford to travel to these hearings to exercise their rights. We are also very pleased about the creation of the National Office for Victims to voice their complaints and frustration with the federal corrections system. We believe this office is an important component in supporting crime victims.