1. Victim Blaming in Canada – July 2016
  2. Helping Victims of Fraud Recover – January 2016.
  3. Questions about victims and the Canadian Justice System? We’ve just updated our comprehensive questions & answers guide (revised 2017). Navigating the Canadian Criminal Justice System: A Guide For Victims.
  4. CRCVC informational brochure (November 2015)
  5. EXPERIENCES OF VICTIMS OF MENTALLY ILL OFFENDERS IN CANADA – This bilingual online resource (January 2015) provides victims and victim service providers with a better understanding about when and how a mentally ill offender is diverted into the forensic mental health system and becomes a patient who is treated by nurses, social workers and psychiatrists. The publication is available online in English and French in HTML and PDF formats.  It is focused on the lived experiences of victims harmed by a mentally ill offender. The e-resource provides victim service providers and families/individuals impacted with:
    • Increased understanding of the hospital/forensic mental health system in Canada.
    • Information about provincial and territorial Review Boards, the dispositions imposed (which can include detention in a mental health facility and treatment) on the accused, or patient, as they are referred to in many jurisdictions.
    • The victims’ rights and roles within the forensic mental health system.
    • Frequently asked questions are answered, and information is provided to help victims find assistance and access supports near them.
    The e-resource also includes an evaluation link and would not be possible without project funding provided by the Department of Justice Victims Fund.
  6. Read our handout entitled Consecutive Sentencing for Multiple Murderers in Canada.
  7. IF THE MEDIA CALLS: A GUIDE FOR CRIME VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS – This bilingual publication (Revised Dec2016) provides victims with information about the focus of media; the impact of media on victims; the risks/benefits of speaking to the media; modern technology; tips for interacting with the media and high-profile cases. This may be used as a handout by police, victim services staff, NGOs and others who interact directly with crime victims and survivors. The publication is available in hard copy and online – please contact the office if you would like booklets mailed to you to share directly with your clients. We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Department of Justice Victims Fund. Access this new resource in English or in French and provide us with your feedback.
  8. WORKING WITH THE MEDIA: A GUIDE FOR CANADIAN VICTIM SERVICE PROVIDERS – This bilingual guide was developed thanks to funding from the Department of Justice Victims Fund (March 2011). Access this new resource in English or in French and provide us with your feedback.
  9. The CRCVC has prepared an extensive research report for the Department of Justice entitled RESPONDING TO THE NEEDS OF CANADIAN VICTIMS OF TERRORISM. In it, we examine the experiences of Canadians impacted by the Air India bombing and September the 11th, as well as making a number of recommendations as to how all governments can be better prepared to respond to future victims and survivors in the aftermath of an attack on Canadian soil or elsewhere.
  10. August 2005 – CRCVC presents report to federal government examining the needs of victims in cases of serious, unsolved crime
  11. Balancing the Scales: The State of Victims’ Rights in Canada (1998)