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Ensuring the Equitable Treatment of Crime Victims in Canada
Who is CRCVC?

Empowering Victims of Crime Since 1993

Support Victims of Crime

The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime (CRCVC) provides support, research, and education to survivors of serious crime and stakeholders in Canada. Our head office is located in Ottawa, Ontario. All services are free of charge and confidential. We offer bilingual assistance and advocacy regardless of whether the perpetrator of the crime has been identified, apprehended, prosecuted or convicted. The CRCVC believes victims must be empowered to regain control of their lives.

Support Victims of Crime
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We Have You Covered

Financial Assistance

If you have been a victim of a violent crime, you may be eligible for compensation/benefits in the province/territory where the crime occurred.

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The Law is on Your Side

Know Your Rights

The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights (CVBR) outlines rights afforded to victims of crime, maintaining that these rights are to be considered during each step of the criminal justice system. The CVBR provides four principal rights to victims: Information, Protection, Participation and Restitution.

The CRCVC works with victims to ensure their rights are upheld while continuing to encourage the government to ensure victims rights are being reviewed and maintained as written in the CVBR.

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Find the Information You Need

Resource Directory

Support for victims of crime can be found locally and nationally. This resource directory includes a variety of agencies including the following services; police, court and community-based as well as volunteers, non-governmental and charitable organizations.

If you cannot find a resource you require please contact the CRCVC at or call us at 1-877-232-2610

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